We make it easy
to talk to people

Scheduling short conversations with the people in your inbox is as easy as forwarding their email

How it works

Step 1
Set aside
some time

Just one hour per week. Set aside an hour of your calendar to chat with people for a few minutes each.

Step 2

Use your existing email inbox to select who to talk to. Forward emails to x@10speak.com, where ‘x’ is the number of minutes you’d like to speak with that person.

Step 3
Call down
your queue

Login to 10speak.com at the hour you set aside. We’ll provide a list of everyone scheduled including contact details and the original email.

Why it works

Important People

10speak users are in demand. Their inboxes are full and they get hundreds of requests a day to meet. When they use 10speak to offer up a quick way to chat, people take them up on it.

Quick. Focused.

Confirming a suggested time is as easy as clicking a link. No user accounts to set up, no more email back and forth. Just click and you're scheduled.

Who Uses It

VCs & Journalists

Office hours

Too many people, not enough time? Set aside an hour per week to talk to 6-8 people you wouldn’t otherwise.

HR & Recruiters

Screening calls

You only need to talk for 10-15 minutes, why spend 20 minutes scheduling? Screen more people, more efficiently.

CEOs & Managers

Employee checkins

Stop reserving 30min slots for 5min conversations. Employees, outside salespeople, you name it.

Elected Officials

Constituent chats

Thank your supporters or reach out to constituents to see what’s on their mind. High touch, high impact.

“It’s a modern day spin on office hours

Get out of your inbox

More people

Schedule with ease

Less time

Be accessible

More depth

Getting started is ridiculously simple.
Get set up in 60 seconds.